Women’s clogs have a unique feel and look to them, making them a great piece of footwear for anyone looking for a fashionable and comfortable shoe. If you’re thinking of getting a pair of clogs, but you’re not sure whether or not they’re right for you, this rundown on clogs and their various styles will help get you started in the right direction.

What are Clogs?

Clogs can be broken down into three main categories, but all clogs have wooden soles. Some clogs are entirely made of wood, and some are just a wooden sole that slips under whatever you’re already wearing. These two types are extremely rare today. The type that you can buy in stores today has a wooden bottom with a variety of different uppers. They can be leather, canvas, knit, or a variety of synthetic materials. Whatever your taste might be in footwear, you can find it as a clog.

Women’s Clogs

Women’s shoes have been lightyears ahead of men’s when it comes to fashion styles, and it’s no different in regards to clogs. The old fashioned wooden shoes that you might have envisioned in your mind are far from today’s stylish looks. You can find all sorts of different styles when it comes to women’s clogs, ranging from casual slipper like shoes that can be worn around the house to shoes that can be worn at more formal occasions. They can be found in conservative and flashy styles, and you’re sure to find exactly the right shoe for you.

History of Clogs

Clogs originated in Europe, but their exact beginning isn’t know. There are even mention of wooden shoes in some Greek plays. However, it wasn’t until the 1200s or so that clogs started to be used with more frequency. They were very popular around the Netherlands, but this traditional footwear has evolved a lot since then. Most people don’t think of clogs as being a part of high fashion, but they really are. This is especially true when it comes to women’s fashion. High end clogs have even been featured in fashion shows over the last few years.

The best part about wearing clogs is that they are extremely comfortable. If you’ve never worn this kind of shoe before, that might not be obvious at first. With a hard wooden sole, comfort isn’t the first thing you think of. However, clogs are typically designed to roll as you walk thanks to the inflexible bottom, and with padding put in and their unique modern construction, these shoes are more than just tough soled shoes, they are extremely comfortable.

If you’re thinking of getting a pair of women’s clogs, be sure to check out the various pages on our website. We can help you find exactly the right shoe for your tastes and your fashion needs. Regardless of whether you want something to wear to the office or just wear around the house, we can point you toward the right clog for you and your lifestyle.