Make Sure You Try on Some Pumas

Infamous Puma

The Puma brand of shoes is one of the most widely known and recognized pieces of footwear in the market today. They have a huge number of customers, and it seems like this base is always growing. It’s no secret that Puma is a popular brand of athletic shoes, but they also make a wide […]
Go with Anywear when it comes to performance

Anywear Shoe Company

AnyWear is a shoe company that specializes in comfortable clogs for the nursing industry. They produce a number of different styles of shoes, ranging from minimalist looks that focus just on comfort, to more stylish and fashionable looks. Besides clogs, they also manufacture boots, shoes, and more. They come in various styles, including leather, rubber, […]
The Key to Comfort is a Good Quality Shoe

Medical Clogs

Clogs are really catching on as a popular shoe in the world of medicine. Medical clogs are comfortable and there are versatile. These are extremely important in this industry as professionals—nurses, doctors, techs, and anybody, really—spend much of the day on their feet. Taking care of your health and comfort is a must if you […]
Using the Rubber Clogs

Rubber Clogs

Rubber clogs are one of the hottest selling items when it comes to work shoes in industries like the restaurant business and nursing. This has occurred for a few reasons, but what it boils down to is that they have a great combination of comfort and utility. If you are looking for a new pair […]
We Have all the Swedish Clogs Styles

Swedish Clogs

Traditional clogs might have started out in Sweden, but today Swedish clogs are far more than just wooden shoes. Originally, these shoes were designed to be cheap footwear for farmers and others in the working class to wear, but as you will see, they are at the height of fashion right now. If you’re looking […]
Some Pretty Wooden Clogs

Wooden Clogs

By definition, all clogs are wooden clogs. However, you have probably already noticed that this leaves a lot of room for variety. Whether you want a traditional looking clog or something sleek and modern, you can find a wooden clog to match your style, taste, and needs. And just because a clog has wooden parts […]
Working in Clogs is Nice

Chef Clogs

Some professions spend a lot more time on their feet than others, and if you are a chef or work in a kitchen, odds are you spend the entire day up and moving around. This can be rough on your feet, and having a good pair of shoes is a must if you want to […]
Get in the Garden with Some comfortable clogs

Garden Clogs

Love doing garden work, but hate how awful your feet feel afterward? Odds are, you just need a better pair of shoes to work in. If you are in the market for a new pair of shoes, garden clogs can often improve how you feel after your done working outside, and make gardening a much […]
Pick the most comfortable nursing clog available

Nursing Clogs

Clogs are some of the most comfortable shoes out there, and when you’re in a profession like nursing where you are on your feet all day, having a comfy pair of shoes on your feet is a must. Nursing clogs have become very popular thanks to this. If you’ve been thinking about getting a pair […]