Interested in getting yourself or a loved one a pair of men’s clogs? We’ve got all of the information at our site that you will need to make a smart decision.

You can start with our brief rundown of men’s clogs here, or you can jump right into the different styles and brands that you can choose from. Either way, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect clog for your tastes.

Can Men Wear Clogs?

Absolutely! Traditionally, clogs were worn by both sexes, but it wasn’t until the 1970s and 1980s that it became acceptable for men to wear clogs in more formal settings. While this practice originated in Europe, it is now widely practiced around the world. It used to be considered avant-garde for men to wear clogs, but now it is far more commonplace. What used to be considered a novelty is now a social norm.

Why Clogs?

Clogs are comfortable. They have a relaxed, slip-on fit, but they are not flimsy like slippers. They have a hard sole so that your feet and ankles are given some support, and you can easily wear them out of the house. If you desire, they can double as a slipper since they are so comfortable and so easy to take on and off.

Men’s clogs are also very stylish. They come in a variety of types and there’s something for every taste and personality out there. Whether you like flashy and eye catching footwear, or something conservative and functional, there is a clog out there that you will absolutely love. Even if you have very specific tastes, we can help you find the clog you’ll never want to take off.

The Styles

When you think of a clog, you might have a picture in your mind of a slipper with a thick wooden sole, but that’s not entirely correct. Yes, the traditional clog was made partially out of wood because of its durability, but over time and as the popularity of the shoe has spread across cultures, the look has changed a lot.

Today, a clog comes in a variety of different styles. You can still find more traditional looking clogs out there, but the majority of them are fashion forward. You can even find some appropriate for a business-professional workplace. They come in sleek leather styles in a variety of different colors.

You can also find very casual looking shoes. Some clogs even look like slippers, but once you put them on, you can feel the support at the bottom of the foot that will let you know they are definitely not just for wearing around the house. These shoes come in a variety of different styles, too. They can be canvas, knit, or even of synthetic uppers. The variety of prints that come on these can be overwhelmingly large, ensuring that you are bound to find something you like. Also, if you prefer the conservative look and just want to focus on comfort, you can find more reserved looking clogs, too. The varieties are almost endless.