Looking for a pair of stylish, yet comfortable pair of clogs that your kids will love? We’ll get you started. Clogs are a great shoe for kids to have, but all kids have different taste in shoes, and all kids are tough on their footwear. You want something that they will love, but not something that they will easily destroy or quickly outgrow. While we can’t control how fast your children will grow, we can help you to find a low-cost, yet ultra fashionable clog for them.

Here’s our brief guide to buying kid’s clogs.

All the Kid’s Styles

As a general rule, a lot of companies don’t make as many kid’s styles for footwear as they do adult styles. This doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice quality when picking out a pair of clogs for your kids, though. Looking through the different brands available for kids sizing, and figuring out beforehand what it is you’re looking for, can give you a great idea of what is worth getting, and what to stay away from.

However, kid’s clogs do come in a variety of styles. Just like adult shoes, you can find both casual and formal clogs, and you can find them anywhere on the price spectrum. If you know exactly what kind of clog you are looking for, this isn’t a huge deal. If you are just beginning to browse, this can be really overwhelming. Having a good idea of what your child wants before you begin, either by observing their tastes or asking them, is the best way to make your search a little easier.

If you’re curious about sizing, you might want to check out the manufacturer’s website to see if they have any information on how close their shoes are to normal sizing. If you can’t find any information there, look around at various comment and question sites for consumers. Buying a pair of clogs online, and then having to return them because they’re not quite right is a hassle, so taking a few minutes now to prevent this can be helpful.

Look at Price

You need to consider price as well. There’s needs to be a good balance when it comes to price and quality. You don’t want to pay too much for a pair of shoes and have your child grow out of them or wear them out a couple months later. Any parent out there can tell you how frustrating this is! At the same time, you don’t want to pay too little for an inferior pair of clogs just to have to buy a new pair in a few weeks because your child has worn a hole through them or left one of them on the bus. This happens, too—trust us.

Finding a good deal on top quality clogs doesn’t have to be a chore. Take a few minutes to search through our site and you are bound to find something both you and your children will love. A great kid’s clog should be stylish and comfortable, and it shouldn’t make you go broke buying it.