Acorn Shoes

Grab the Right Pair

Acorn has taken their surroundings and built this into every pair of socks and shoes that they produce. Located in Maine, this company has a long history of high quality footwear. If you’ve ever spent time in Maine, you can see how the thousands of miles of woodland, hundreds of miles of coastline, and overall rugged terrain has formed their product. They are warm, comfortable, and sturdy. And thanks to their high quality design, Acorn’s shoes also remain attractive and classy pieces of footwear.

Acorn produced their first slipper sock in 1973. David Quinn started out by hand stitching leather soles to wool socks, creating a unique handcrafted gift for family and friends. In 1976, he started selling this product commercially, and by 2000, the company was creating indoor and outdoor slipper socks, getting in at the beginning of this trend. They are continuously looking for ways to improve the quality of their product, all without sacrificing the ideals that gave birth to the idea in the first place.

Today, Acorn has a wide reach. They have footwear permanently housed in the National Air and Space Museum because of its popularity amongst astronauts, and they produce a wide variety of footwear. Their clogs and slippers have a nice mixture of wool and leather, giving them a seemingly perfect combination of both comfort and durability. Most of their products have a retro, heritage look to them, but they remain far more popular today than they were back in the late 70s and early 80s when the company was on the cutting edge of this trend. Even after more than 40 years of business and very little change to the look and style of their flagship slipper shoes, Acorn remains one of the most popular companies when it comes to American made shoes, clogs, slippers, and slipper shoes.